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sugama tourist happy to inform that services between bangalore and banahatti (via bagalkote, mudhol, jamkhandi), bangalore and bijapur (via almatti), bangalore and badami (via laxmeshwara, ron, gadag), bangalore and belgaum (via hubli, dharwad), bangalore and sirsi (via shimoga, sagara, siddapura), bangalore and mudgal (via hospet, gangavathi, kanakgiri) restored with social distance seating arrangements. ***** due to safety measures related to covid 19 and the recent govt advisory it is mandatory to wear face masks to all staff and passengers in the vehicle
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Dharwad, also known as Dharwar, is a city in India's Karnataka state.

Dharwad is the administrative seat of the Dharwad District. The municipality of Hubli-Dharwad (resulting from a merger in 1961 with its twin city Hubli, 22 kilometers away) covers an area of 200.23 km². Dharwad is located 425 km northwest of Bangalore, on National Highway 4, the main highway between Bangalore and Pune in Maharashtra. The climate is mildly hot during the summer, wet during the monsoons and pleasant during winter.

The twin cities have a history behind them dating back to the Hoysala period. Dharwad Sugama Tourists is famous for its contributions to Indian culture, most notably to classical music and literature, and prestigious educational institutions, such as the the Karnataka University. The Dharwad pedha - a milk-based sweetmeat - from this town is very popular.

Today, Dharwad Sugama Tourists is well-known as a quiet and pleasant city popular with students and pensioners. It continues to grow, with industries dotting both its northern and southern boundaries. In the years ahead, it promises to be a beehive of commercial activity. The location of the city on the NH4 makes it equidistant from 2 of the most industrialised centers in the country - Bangalore , the capital of Karnataka, and Pune the 2nd most industrialised city in Maharshtra.

You can visit the Tourist Places in dharwad as mentioned below as Sugama Tourists takes to the way.

1) Someshwara Temple is one of the notable landmarks in Dharwad.Sugama Tourists Built in 12th century by Chalukyas, It houses statues of Mahishasuramardini and Chaturbhuja Ganesh {Ganesh/Ganapathi represented with four hands). There is a lot of natural beauty surrounding the temple.The river Shalmala originates near the temple and flows under ground.

2) Unkal Lake in dharwad Sugama Tourists is a beautiful water spot where you can have a wonderful view of the sunset. Here you experience cool breeze blowing in the dusk, where people of all ages relax forgetting their worries. It has green garden, recreational facilities for the children, boating.

3) Dattatreya Temple in dharwad Sugama Tourists dedicated to Lord Dattatreya, is situated at Gandhi Chowk in Dharwad.Regarded as an incarnation of the Hindu trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. Dattatreya is usually depicted with three heads. Large numbers of devotees throng the temple to obtain the blessings of the Lord.

4) Siddharoodha Math in dharwad Sugama Tourists is a prominent religious institution, a centre of Advaita philosophy as preached by Swami Siddharoodha (1837-1929). The latter has a very large number of devotees among all communities, all overKarnataka and also in the neighboring states, Maharashtra and Goa.

5) Bhavanishankar Temple in dharwad Sugama Tourists this Chalukyan Temple with the image of Sri Narayana is flanked by the ten incarnations of God.

6) Asar Mahal in dharwad Sugama Tourists It was built by Mohammed Ali Shah in about 1646 to serve as a hall of justice. The building was also used to house two hairs from the Prophet's beard. Women are not allowed inside.

7) Nrupatunga Betta in dharwad Sugama Tourists, this is a beautiful picnic spot on the Unkal Hill in Hubli. From here you can have a panoramic view of Hubli. The span of the panoramic view extends from Amargol in the North, to the Airport in the West all the way to the Southern parts of Hubli. It is a popular location for morning-walkers and especially in the evenings for the youth of Hubli to spend time. However, the development of real-estate on this hillock is a cause for concern.

8) Hazarat Sayyed Fateh Shah wali Darga in dharwad Sugama Tourists, the most famous Darga situated in Old Hubli, its one of the very old and all the community people are visiting and perform their prayers.

You can make a travel through Sugama Tourists to dharwad which makes the journey more comfortable.

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Founded in 1977 by H Subhodh Ballal, the Anantha Padmanabha Motors (APM) is one of the largest privately owned public bus operators in the undivided Dhakshina Kannada District. APM's fleet consists of 100 plus buses on different routes and a staff of over 400. In 1977, APM began its operation between Hebri and Kundapura with one bus service. At present APM providing express and shuttle service for the Dakshina Kannada and Udupi District. It later expanded into operating a Luxury bus route between cities.


1996: This year our Firm thought of an idea of introducing luxury buses and introduced two ACGL body built luxury buses from Hebri to Bangalore and in succeeding years we increased the number of luxury buses up to 20, running between Bhatkal to Bangalore, Gangolly to Bangalore, Kundapur to Bangalore, Manipal to Bangalore, Karwar to Bangalore, Bijapur to Bangalore, Kokkarne to Bangalore, Udupi to Bangalore, these buses are run under the name and style SUGAMA TOURIST (A.P.M). We are proud to say that we are pioneers in introducing AIR SUSPENSION buses in Udupi District and all the luxury buses are AIR SUSPENSION buses in addition to this we have AC SLEEPER buses too.


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