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sugama tourist happy to inform that services between bangalore and banahatti (via bagalkote, mudhol, jamkhandi), bangalore and bijapur (via almatti), bangalore and badami (via laxmeshwara, ron, gadag), bangalore and belgaum (via hubli, dharwad), bangalore and sirsi (via shimoga, sagara, siddapura), bangalore and mudgal (via hospet, gangavathi, kanakgiri) restored with social distance seating arrangements. ***** due to safety measures related to covid 19 and the recent govt advisory it is mandatory to wear face masks to all staff and passengers in the vehicle
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About Kottayam:    
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Sugama Tourists takes you to the Kottayam is a city in the Indian state of Kerala. It is located in central Kerala and is also the administrative capital of Kottayam district. Kottayam has an estimated population of 60,725, according to the 2001 census. The town is an important trading center of spices and commercial crops, especially rubber. Major Kerala print media such as Malayala Manorama group and Deepika are headquartered in the city. Also a pioneering centre of modern education in Kerala, the city became India's first municipality to achieve 100% literacy in 1989 and the district became the first tobacco free district in India[citation needed. The city of Kottayam is also called as "Akshara Nagari which means the "City of Letters" considering its contribution to print media and literature.First Freedom Fighter Chempil Arayan Ananthapadmanabhan Valiya Arayan Kankumaran who fought at the Cochin Fort against the British Rule in 29 December 1808.Chempil Arayan was the commander in chief of Velu Thambi Dalawa.

Kottayam Sugama Tourists is a major trading center of natural rubber in India. Rubber trees are extensively cultivated in central Kerala, especially in vast areas of Kottayam District, in plantations, both large and small. The Rubber Board, a body set up by the Government of India for the development of rubber industry, is located at Kottayam. A number of small and medium sized enterprises in and around the town are engaged in the processing of rubber latex and manufacturing of rubber products. Besides rubber, Kottayam is a trading place of other commercial crops like spices cultivated widely in the surrounding areas. The Plantation Corporation of Kerala also has its headquarters at Kottayam.
Rubber Tree

Kottayam Sugama Tourists is also known as a business centre. The stretch of Kottayam–Kumily Road (KK road) that passes through the town is a major shopping centre and Sastri Road, one of the broadest road in kottayam is also a hot spot for shopping with the outlets of all the leading brands in the world. Baker Junction and Kanjikuzhy are also considered as the commercial and residential hubs of the town. Kottayam district has industries like Hindustan Newsprint Limited, Kottayam Spinning Mills and KSE factory.

Tourism has a major contribution to the economy of the place, as many tourism related businesses thrive in the town. Kumarakom, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Kerala, is only 14 km from the town. Wagamon is another place worth a visit, and borders the districts of Kottayam and Idukki.

Kottayam Sugama Tourists is an important commercial centre of Kerala, situated in the southern part of India. Sandwiched between tranquil palm-lined backwaters on the west and the Western ghats on the east, Kottayam is among the state's most mountainous regions, providing some of Kerala's finest natural scenes. The town is surrounded by some of the most fertile and beautiful scenery in the state with hills to its East and backwaters to the west. Kottayam is the ideal take off point for visits to Peermedu, Munnar, Idukki, Thekkady, Ernakulam and the temple city of Madurai. Most of India's natural rubber originates from the lands of well-kept plantations of Kottayam, also home to the Rubber Board, one of the country's primary commodities board. Backwater Cruise at Kottayam

Major Tourist Attractions in Kottayam.

1) Thirunakkara Mahadeva Shiva Temple
In Kottayam there is a Shiva temple was built in the South Indian style of temple architecture. The murals on the walls are a major attraction here. The sanctum sanctorum is decorated with scenes from Hindu epics. In the month of March, on the occasion of the annual temple festival the temple pulls in a large number of pilgrims.

2) Valiyapally
In Kottayam , this is one of the largest churches in Kottayam. The church is dedicated to St. Mary and is located in Thazhathangadi about 4km northwest of the town center. The church is known for two 8th-century Persian crosses with Pahlavi inscriptions that prove them to be the earliest examples of Christianity in India.

3) Cheriyapally
In Kottayam , The church of Cheriyapally is dedicated to St. Mary. Built in 1579 AD, the church houses some exquisite vegetable dye paintings on the ceilings and walls depicting biblical and non-biblical themes.

4) Thazhathangadi Mosque
In Kottayam , Known for its exquisite architecture, the mosque forms an important pilgrim center of Kottayam. The 1,000-year-old mosque at Thazhathangadi is believed to have been built by Malik Dinar.

5) Good Shepherd Church
In Kottayam , The Good Shepherd Church is the first church of the Diocese of Vijayapuram, built in the Italian style. The construction of the Church was completed in 1882 and was renovated in 1964. The annual feast of Good Shepherd is held here in the month of April every year.

The above places can be visited through Sugama Tourists

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About Katapadi(Udupi):    

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About Sugama Tourists:

Founded in 1977 by H Subhodh Ballal, the Anantha Padmanabha Motors (APM) is one of the largest privately owned public bus operators in the undivided Dhakshina Kannada District. APM's fleet consists of 100 plus buses on different routes and a staff of over 400. In 1977, APM began its operation between Hebri and Kundapura with one bus service. At present APM providing express and shuttle service for the Dakshina Kannada and Udupi District. It later expanded into operating a Luxury bus route between cities.


1996: This year our Firm thought of an idea of introducing luxury buses and introduced two ACGL body built luxury buses from Hebri to Bangalore and in succeeding years we increased the number of luxury buses up to 20, running between Bhatkal to Bangalore, Gangolly to Bangalore, Kundapur to Bangalore, Manipal to Bangalore, Karwar to Bangalore, Bijapur to Bangalore, Kokkarne to Bangalore, Udupi to Bangalore, these buses are run under the name and style SUGAMA TOURIST (A.P.M). We are proud to say that we are pioneers in introducing AIR SUSPENSION buses in Udupi District and all the luxury buses are AIR SUSPENSION buses in addition to this we have AC SLEEPER buses too.


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