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Sugama Tourist is here with a surprise for those who are looking for Tirupati Balaji Temple visit with family and friends. Pilgrims can now opt for Tirupati Darshan packages exclusively offered by Sugama Tourist with the best accommodation, Breakfast + Lunch at a reasonable price. We have tailored daily package trips of one-day visits to Venkateshwara Temple in Tirumala, one of the sacred temples in the world. Our trip-service to Tirupati begins from Bangalore by a Volvo Multi Axle AC Semi Sleeper Bus to provide maximum comfort for passengers.

Sugama Tourist is affirmed by APTDC where all the tariff and packages are according to the APTDC operational terms. Likewise, seeghra darshan of Rs 300 is included in the package via Tirumala Darshan Online Booking through Sugama Travels. For devotees' utmost satisfaction, the prasadam will also be given. Same day afternoon Departure from Tirupati and arrival to Bangalore from Tirupati by night.

To avail the package, devotees must set their dates and also book immediately, before the seats are full with Sugama tourists to perform your darshan with extreme content.

For more information contact us via info@sugamatourist.in or +91 80 2237 7777.

Day 1:

Departure from Bangalore to Tirupati By Volvo Multi Axle AC Semi Sleeper Bus

Day 2:

  • Confirmed APTDC Approved Special Entry (Seeghra) Darshan of Rs 300 included in the package.
  • Free 2 Laddu Prasadam included in the package.
  • Same day afternoon Departure from Tirupati and arrival to Bangalore by night.
  • Sugama Tourist is Approved operator by APTDC, all tariff and packages are as per APTDC operational terms.


Important Note:

Fare includes free Accommodation for fresh up, Breakfast, Lunch & Quick Darshan of Rs.300/-

The pilgrims shall wear Traditional Dress only. Male: Dhoti, Shirt / Kurtha, Pyjama. Female: Saree / Chudidar with Dupatta.

At the time of entry, the pilgrim shall produce the same original Id.

Tariff and package operated by AP Tourism operational terms apply.



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