Fascinating Facts about Tirupati

Tirupati Balaji Temple is full of fascinating facts and mystery, which are unbelievable yet true!

Crores of people travel to Tirupati with some wishes, hope and belief in the Lord Balaji. And especially people from Karnataka always prefer to choose a package trip to Tirupati from Bangalore that to also certified by TTD.  

More to this, there are many mystical facts, which we will be talking about in this blog that make your visit to the deity and the divine experience incredible.

Read more about the mystical and amusing facts of Tirupati Balaji Temple below, and don't forget to book the Tirupati Balaji darshan package and experience these during your next visit to the temple.

The Sea Waves Behind Lord Balaji's Idol

Some things are hard to believe, but they exist. When someone places his/her ear against the back of the deity's idol in the shrine, they can hear the sound of enormous sea waves. This is an incredible experience for anyone.

The Idol Survives Strong Chemical Reaction

Have you heard of raw camphor or green camphor (pachai karpooram)? Maybe not but it's a strong chemical when it is applied to stone, it leads to cracks and fissures on the object. The idol of lord Balaji has survived the reaction of this camphor, and bears no marks, even though it remains smeared with the substance most of the time.  

The Secret of an Unknown Village

A mystery which never-ever going to solve, and that is the flowers, clarified butter milk, buttermilk, holy leaves etc. are sourced from an unknown village located about twenty-two kilometres away from Tirupati Balaji Temple. The mysterious village has never been seen or visited by any outside people yet.

The Misty & Sweaty Idol

The Idol's temperature of deity is maintaining 110 degrees Fahrenheit, despite being located at a cool, high altitude of 3,000 feet. Every morning, droplets of sweat appear on the idol after a ceremonial bath, which must be wiped off by a priest with a silk cloth. On Thursdays, when the idol's ornaments are removed for another ceremonial bath, the priests report feeling the warmth from the idol. More to this, the back of the deity always remains moist due to some unknown reasons.

The Perpetual Lit Lamps

The most striking fact of the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is the row of lamps that are kept lit in the temple's sanctum. These lamps are said to have been burning continuously since the temple's inception, and no one knows how they have managed to stay lit for so long. Many people believe that it is the divine power of Lord Venkateswara that keeps the lamps burning.

The Real Hair of Balaji

If you have visited or may visit Tirupati Balaji Temple, you have or will surely see devotees offer their hair to lord Balaji and a question mark will come to your mind, why? So the story goes like this - Lord Balaji during his regime on earth, lost some of his hair in an unexpected mishap. Neela Devi Gandhva princess took note of this incident and willingly cut a portion from her glorious hair and offered this to lord Balaji with a request to place them on his head. The deity has accepted this humble request and promised whoever visits his shrine sacrifices his/her hair at his feet will be blessed. Since then, it's been a custom among devotees to shave their hair before or after wish fulfilment.   

Venkateshwara Swamy Had Once Appeared in Real

As per devotees' words, Lord Balaji once appeared in real on the bank of the Kaveri river and was worshipped by his devotees. Some people believe that this is the reason behind building of the temple in Tirupati.

The idol of the deity is not in the centre

When you look at the deity with close attention, you'll get to know that idol is not placed in the centre. Actually, it's situated in the right-hand corner of the shrine.

In conclusion, Tirupati is home to the most revered Hindu temples in the world, and it is full of fascinating facts and miracles. There is much to discover and learn about this sacred place. Whether you are a devotee of Lord Venkateswara or simply someone who is interested in Hindu mythology and culture, Tirupati is a place that is sure to captivate your imagination and leave a lasting impression.




Wish you a Happy and Comfortable Journey

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